How to cook frozen burgers on the grill [8 easy steps]

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Fresh burger patties are great, and have the best flavor. But sometimes frozen patties are just the most convenient burger available. Time is valuable, and a frozen burger is often the best option. A frozen burger has a very long shelf life and the taste remains great, not as good as fresh, but with a little seasoning they hit the spot.

If you take a little time to cook your frozen burger then you will have tasty burgers in a short amount of time. Feeding those hungry guests or children is often more important than perfect flavor.

cook frozen burger

Can you cook a frozen burger on the grill?

Sure, you can. Cooking beef from frozen on any cooking surface is possible. You will often cook ground beef frozen over the hob, so it’s just the same as cooking frozen burgers over a grill.

What do you need to grill frozen burgers?

You’ll need a charcoal grill or a gas grill. You need to get the grill up to the right temperature before you start putting the frozen hamburger patties on it. About 300 degrees Fahrenheit should be enough.

meat thermometer

A temperature probe is a good idea if you want to make sure it is fully cooked. With a thinner burger, you should not need to check the temperature as it will cook fairly quickly. But if you have a larger burger, then it is a good idea to check it with a thermometer.

What temperature to cook the frozen burger too?

The FDA recommends that you cook beef to 160 degrees or higher. You can check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer.

If you’re making a burger with a smaller patty, it will cook more quickly than a burger with a larger patty. Keep that in mind with the cooking times, and make sure to check the internal temperature before eating.

Is it safe to cook a frozen burger on the grill?

It is totally safe to cook a frozen burger. The burger will thaw out as you cook it and will cook fully. It has zero risk.

According to the the USDA:
“To keep bacterial levels low, store ground beef at 40 °F (4.4 °C) or below and use within 2 days, or freeze. To destroy harmful bacteria, cook ground beef to a safe minimum internal temperature of 160 °F (71.1 °C).”

It is not recommended to cook beef until medium or rare. If that is your thing, then it’s best to cook fresh hamburgers. 

Defrosting your burger prior to cooking can improve the taste and texture, but it is not required. If you are short on time, you can cook the burger without defrosting it first.

Should you defrost the frozen burger first?

It is not necessary to defrost the burger first. If you have a little time, take them out of the freezer as you preheat the grill. But this is not required.

Defrosting your burger prior to cooking can improve the taste and texture, but it is not required. If you are short on time, you can cook the burger without defrosting it first.

As you cook the burger, it will begin to thaw, and it will cook evenly as you flip it.

cook frozen burger

How to grill the perfect frozen burger

My top tips for cooking the perfect frozen burger patties are as follows.

  1. As you preheat the grill remove the beef patties from the freezer and leave to thaw out for a little bit.
  2. Get the grill grate up to the right temperature. About 300 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect.
  3. If the burger is thawed slightly add some seasoning now. Salt and pepper or some BBQ rub.
  4. Place the patties on the grill. If the burger is frozen cook one side for 2 mins then flip the burger. Now add seasoning to the cooked side. Continue cooking for 2 minutes then flip it again and season the next side.
  5. Keep cooking for 15-25 mins depending on the size of the patties.
  6. Move the burgers regularly and Keep flipping the burgers every 5 mins. They will start to get juicy and drip as they are fully thawed and cooking.
  7. Towards the end brush on your sauce of choice, ketchup or barbecue sauce.
  8. Toast you hamburger bun slightly on the same grill getting ready to build the perfect burger.

how to grill frozen burger

Make sure that your burger has the correct internal temperature by using your meat thermometer. Once you’re finished cooking, dress the burger to perfection. I prefer a lightly toasted hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, gherkins, and plenty of cheese.




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