Hello! I’m Colin Steele


About me

I’m just like you, I’m a BBQ fanatic.  I love to cook up a meal for my family and friends and this website is just a documentation of all the things I know and learned on my barbecue journey. By writing about it I hope I can also help you feel confident about cooking for your friends and family. 

I’m 41, and I was born in the UK but grew up just outside Philadelphia,  I have a wife and 2 kids and we all love getting to spend time outdoors exploring and of course, eating.   We will often spend the whole day around the campfire in our woods cooking chili or a bowl of curry in our dutch ovens as the kids cause chaos, climb trees and learn to cook. 

outdoor cooking

When we are not cooking at the campfire you’ll find me smoking some pork shoulder or grilling some fresh hamburgers. I love cooking good food for my family and the process is just as much fun as the final result. 

What the brand is and the mission

Taste the fire came about as a way to document my love of barbecue and create joy through finely cooked food. It’s a way to document methods of barbecue and grilling and to encourage others to give it a go.  Taste the fire is a place where you can learn about various techniques and equipment that will make you a better backyard pitmaster.  

My mission is to make this a one-stop blog for barbecue enthusiasts.  The world of barbecue and grilling can be a confusing place at first but I hope to be able to help beginners and experienced barbecuers alike.   

Why you should trust me

I’ve been cooking barbecue in the backyard for over 20 years.  I’ve made all the mistakes, and I should be qualified enough now to help you avoid the same mistakes and start cooking top-quality barbecue food.  

I document all my errors and successes and will not shy away from pointing out the times I have messed up.  We can all learn from our mistakes.  I spend way too much money on barbecue and grilling gear, and with my ongoing financial burden, maybe I can help you make the right financial decisions. 

inexpensive smoker

How I do it

Just like barbecue, writing a good blog takes time, dedication, and preparation.  I spend hours reading and learning about cooking so I can write articles that help you all become better backyard pitmasters. I currently write all the articles on my own but as the website grows I hope to involve some very talented and experienced pitmasters to help us all grow our barbecue game. 

If I review a product, it is because I personally own it or have spent enough time with one to feel confident that my opinion has some authority and importance.  I understand the value of a dollar and we all need to spend our money wisely.  Hopefully, my product reviews will help you make better decisions.